What to Look for in Online CPR Certification Classes

By ryan

CPR certification is undoubtedly a smart choice. But how can you make sure your choice of certification class is just as smart? After all, proper CPR certification is important, and there are many classes available that may not be good enough, for one reason or another.

So how can you weed through the bad options to find the good ones? Here are our top criteria for a good online CPR class.


While there is no governing body that determines whether or not a CPR certification course is “accredited,” you should still make sure that the CPR certification class you take receives professional accreditation (e.g. from a medical oversight board), in order to confirm that the class meets basic standards for CPR education.

Comprehensive material

It is one thing for a course to walk you through the very basic steps of CPR. It is another for the course to help you understand why CPR works, when to use it (or not), how to get help in an emergency situation, how to keep yourself safe while performing CPR, and so on. This comprehensive type of education will leave you qualified and feeling confident in your knowledge of CPR, and will better prepare you to handle an emergency situation quickly, effectively, and safely.

Convenient format

One of the biggest reasons people turn to online CPR classes is that they are much more convenient than in-person classes. However, even online classes can vary in terms of convenience. A truly convenient online class will allow you to start your training at any time, from anywhere, and will also give you access to the training materials whenever you need them (that is, even once you’ve finished the class, you’re still able to go back and reference the materials). Also, a convenient CPR training course shouldn’t take too much of your time. 45 minutes is usually a sufficient amount of time to receive comprehensive CPR training. Finally, with the way technology is today, a convenient online CPR class should offer a mobile option, for training/brushing up on the go.

Intuitive interface

We’ve all experienced frustration with a website, app, or software program that is difficult to navigate. When looking for the best online CPR certification class, look for one with a simple and intuitive interface. This will make the training process much more enjoyable for you, and will also help you learn and retain the information more effectively.

Multiple training methods

Different people learn differently. Some may benefit from a video format, while others will require written materials for the information to truly sink in. A combination of the two makes for an exceptional online class. Great classes will also test your knowledge as you go, giving you the opportunity to constantly check in with how your learning is going.

Specialized classes

Some people might think that once you “know CPR,” you can perform it on anyone. That’s not the case. Infants require a different type of CPR than young children, who in turn require different CPR techniques than adults. Good online CPR certification classes will take this into account.

Taking that one step further: some companies may even offer different courses for different age groups. This is the best way to make sure you are getting the best training for the age group you are focused on. For example, parents and other people who care for children would do well to find a course that is made specifically to teach CPR for infants and/or children.

Choking relief training

CPR training is of utmost importance, but some online classes also spend time focusing on choking relief as well, giving you more complete emergency training. Being trained in choking relief along with CPR will give you even more peace of mind, not to mention more control in an emergency situation. Choking relief training is especially important for people who spend a lot of time around infants and children, who are particularly prone to choking accidents.

When you’re trying to find the CPR certification course that’s right for you, don’t forget to take all of these things into account. By finding a class that meets these criteria, you are setting yourself up for a positive training experience that will leave you well-qualified to handle emergencies requiring CPR or choking relief.

Infant CPR classes meet these qualifications and more. Learn more about our class offerings here, and read our story about why we’re so passionate about proper CPR training here. It’s our mission to help everyone feel more confident in their ability to perform CPR, especially on infants and children. Try one of our classes today, and discover how our comprehensive, accredited training could help you save a life someday.